Discriminating primary and scattered photon

Hi, I want to use GGEMS for scatter estimation for specific phantom. Actually I have been used Gate simulation with Root output to discriminating photons, however it takes time too long. Is there any possibility to discriminating photons in GGEMS? I was tried to control the physics on/off option but I realized it was totally different problem with discriminating photons.


For the moment in GGEMS it’s not possible to discriminating photon. Maybe in a next release of GGEMS we can do that in the projection space (on the detector). But the main objective of GGEMS is the computation time, store informations about scatter could be time consuming.

I take into account your question for the future next release.


Dear, GGEMS developers

Thank you for answer to my question. I really appreciate your consideration and i hope to get the new option for discriminating photons in next version.

Sungho Yun