Error when building GGEMS v.1.2 (no matching function)

I am a master student trying to install GGEMS v.1.2, which would be of great use in my thesis project. Thanks a lot for providing such an amazing tool!

I started the installation on a freshly built Ubuntu LTS 22.04. The PC has several NVIDIA GPUs GeForce GTX 1080 Ti and a dozen of Intel CPUs. I followed exactly the steps of the building & installing guide.
In particular : I installed Cuda 12.4 (via deb), the NVIDIA driver 535, and gcc 11.4.

When trying to install GGEMS, I get the following error :

Is this due to a compatibility issue (the OpenCL version is set at 3.0) ? Or should I modify some of the code ? Is there an extra step I should do before “make -j” ?

Thank you.