Forcing photon interactions

Great code, so fast! Thanks for making.

Just one thing I was wondering about: It would be really cool if I could do forced interaction in a phantom to improve the statistics on the scatter i.e. making it so all photons interacted in the phantom and no primary was received by the detector.

I was thinking of trying to modify the source code to do this. And thought I’d ask if you thought this is possible or not, and whether you had any advice on how to do it.

Thank you,

Hello Jericho, for now, in GGEMS, we hadn’t planned on implementing forced interactions of photons. Depending on the method of forced interactions used, it may be implementable or impossible due to the architecture of the GGEMS program. For example, it is currently impossible (not designed by the code at the moment) to create new particles during calculations. In GGEMS, for dosimetry, there is a VRT technique implemented called TLE (track length estimator), perhaps it can inspire you depending on the algorithm you are considering putting into GGEMS.

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Thanks for the reply Didier! I’ll take a look at the TLE implementation.