How to score dose/energy deposit in the detector

I am using CT_scanner example and I noticed that the output image is something related to the number of photons interacting in the detector (number of photons with energy deposit higher than the set threshold?). Is it possible someway to score just the dose or the energy deposition map within the detector?



You are right the detector scores the photon count from a threshold. If you want to record the dose/energy the only way to do it is to use your detector as a voxelized volume. You only have to save your detector in MHD/RAW format. It should work.

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this is an interesting topic. I am also interested in obtaining the accumulated energy at the detector for both the primary and the scatter photons and have changed the sourcecode accordingly.
The solution you proposed, Didier, would not save the scatter separately, is that correct?

I believe it would be a very nice feature to have. :slight_smile:


Hi Anneke,

Indeed, if you use a voxelized volume as a detector, you cannot save the scattered photons separately. To do this I have to change the structure of the code. At the moment I am working on the transport of particles in meshed volumes. Then I can work again on the detector to do dosimetry.

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Hi Didier,
thanks a lot. That sounds great!