How to use phasespace files as input sources

I try to use EEGMS to simulate brachytherapy dose maps but I encountered some problems. I read an article titled " Standardization and Validation of Brachytherapy Seeds Modelling Using GATE and GGEMS Monte Carlo Toolkits" and in this article, it was claimed that EEGMS could use phasespace as input. However, I did not find this function in the open-source code. Is this part code not open source yet? Besides, could you add some brachytherapy dose simulation examples?
Thanks for the help

The article corresponds to an old version of GGEMS which was not open source. In the new version of GGEMS it is not possible to use a phasespace as input, and brachytherapy is currently not available in this new version of GGEMS.
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Got it. Thanks very much.