Run ct_scanner, how to modify the phantom part

I am a new user of ggems, I want to use ct_scanner for CT simulation and get a more realistic CT image, but how to modify the phantom, I will convert my own dicom file (head) to mhd/raw file The format is ready, but I see there is a range_phantom.txt, I don’t quite understand what it is, what does 0 0 air 1,1, Water specifically mean, if the organ has been defined in the material.txt(such as brain,tumor,skin,etc), here is the need How to write it, I hope you can help me.

I saw that others sorted the organs according to the size of HU in range_phantom.txt, and then I wrote the following code, but an error was reported at runtime, or the problem with this file. May I ask where did I go wrong?

0 0 Air
1 1 Skin
2 2 Muscle
3 3 Tonsil
4 4 Weasand
5 5 Brain
6 6 ET
7 7 Eyes
8 8 Ears
9 9 Tongue
10 10 Sialaden
11 11 Esophagus
12 12 Bone
13 13 Vessel
14 14 Tumor
15 15 SoftTissus_15

eg:when run,the output:
GGEMS GGEMSVoxelizedSolid::ConvertImageToLabel Errors(s) in the range data file!!!
terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘std::runtime_error’
Aborted (core dumped)


Have you checked that all your materials are in the ‘materials.txt’ file?