Installation by ninja fails

Hi, I am looking forward to using this wonderful software.
But I’m still fighting the install.
I was able to create a build file using the Ninja generator from CMake-gui.
However, when I use [>ninja install], an error occurs and I cannot install it. I’ve been struggling with this for several days.
The error “GLFW/glfw3.h’: No such file or directory” occurs.
It says that GLFW/glfw3.h cannot be recognized, but it certainly exists in C:/Program Files (x86)/GLFW/include/GLFW/glfw3.h.
I downloaded GLFW from Windows pre-compiled binaries.
I had the same question before and checked it, but it didn’t work.
Error during installing GGEMS v.1.2
The CMake settings are almost the same as those in Building & Installing. Please let me attach the CMake setting screen to the next reply.

Is this still an incomplete configuration of CMake?
Thank you.

Please forgive me for not being able to delete the last question and leaving it as it is.